Shuttle Service for Hospitals and Medical Campuses

Looking for a charter bus for Hospitals, and Medical Campuses Bus? We provide shuttle service for to and from hospitals or medical campuses like Jhon Hopkins, Inova, NIH and Kaiser Permanente.

We’ve Been Serving Hospitals and Medical Campuses In Washington DC Since 1992

BusinDC is a great choice for hospitals and Medical Colleges in Washington DC metro area and nationwide for streamlining employee, patient, physician and guest transportation. BusinDC specializes in the provision medical campus shuttles and transportation between hospitals. We work with any health system, and we ensure we identify whatever its specific and individual needs are, then we find the best shuttle and schedules to accommodate them.

We can also pick up from home in our comfortable shuttle bus and escort you to the reception desk at the hospital clinic for appointment. When you are done with your appointment, we take you back to your doorstep safely, making your hospital visit as stress free as possible.

We Give The Best Advantage In Medical Shuttle Service.

Our experienced team members have worked with both small and large hospitals and medical colleges in Washington DC metro area and beyond. We understand that it is not a joke to serve hospitals and medicals, hence, we hinge on the smallest of details; and so, prior to the start, we review the plan down to the minute.

BusinDC provides top-quality shuttle services for hospitals and medical colleges across Washington DC metro area. When it comes to safety, we don’t leave anything to chance, we clearly understand it only takes an accident to inflict injury or cause any damage. We do not only keep the detailed safety and maintenance precautions, we are very strict in ensuring all our drivers meet Department of Transportation requirements, not forgetting about meeting our own requirements – which are more rigorous and thorough. More so, many competitors only perform a single background check on drivers, but here, we run recurring checks on a periodical basis.

We Thrive On Our Experience.

BusinDC remains the best hospital and medical colleges shuttle in Washington DC metro area. We pride on over 2 decades and over 300 active shuttle operations across Washington DC. We are aware that hospitals come in diverse settings, operations and sizes. So, we invest our time to get to know your need, hospital and medical college, your physical plant and constraints, in the sense to develop an effective transport solution that seamlessly integrates with your current operations.

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