Music Festival Charter Bus

Looking for a charter bus for Music Festival? Plan an Awesome Charter Bus for your next music festival in Washington DC area.

With Utmost Comfort, We Customize Your Trip Experience

BusinDC is the best choice for every music festival trip, we are the right choice when it comes to sweet experience, reliable, and friendly music festival transportation service. Our charter buses have various seat capacities so that you can have an enjoyable music festival trip in and around Washington DC metro area, with the utmost comfort, and at an affordable price.

Booking our music festival trip bus, we keep you and your groups super close to the event, and we ensure you have a fun-filled night too. Our buses are specially selected to keep all your luggage and camping materials as well. If your group is spread out in the city, you can choose a comfortable meeting point from where everyone can be picked up by the bus driver.

Our Understanding Makes Us The First Name To Call

At BusinDC, we understand festival attracts thousands of visitors over the span of two weekends each spring. If each attendee drove their own personal vehicle to the event, there would be nearly 100,000 cars on the premises every day. Even when factoring in small-scale ridesharing options and carpooling, traveling as a group is simpler than riding in separate smaller vehicles. We have become synonymous with music festivals and music festival culture since it began in the late 1990s.

BusinDC understands it’s not always about the destination, it’s about the journey. Traveling to music festivals a big group of friends is half the fun. You can relax after a long day of festivities while your driver takes on the busy roads. If your group wants to keep the party going, your driver can safely shuttle everyone to after parties and events in the surrounding area.

What We Offer for Music Festivals Charter Bus Services

With our music festival trip buses, we offer premium amenities like extra legroom, TV monitors, plush seating, restrooms, DVD players, power outlets, Wi-Fi, and many more. We provide a wide variety of vehicles, such as minibuses with 18 seats, as well as charter buses with up to 56 seats. Our vehicles are modern, with exquisite interiors and exteriors, restrooms on board, free Wi-Fi, and many other amenities designed for your ultimate comfort. If you want to take the most relaxing music festival trip of your life, do not hesitate to give us a call.

BusinDC offers designated drivers will give you the freedom to enjoy the party to the fullest. You can trust getting home safely as your driver will make your journey smooth and secure, without any hassles. The comfort of having our driver and our music festival trip bus will enable you to take part in all the festivities as planned.

One of the greatest advantages of planning a group tour is the cost-effective pricing with assured quality transport. BusinDC takes safety standards highest priority. Each driver and operator is screened beforehand in order to ensure that they meet all of the requirements of Washington’s Department of Transportation.

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